Circle G Buggy's


1973 Standard Beetle. Needs a pan. Everything else is pretty rust free. I ran the motor when I parked it. The carb was acting up.  $1,250

1974 Super Beetle. Super rare Grasshopper Green. Has a few surface rust spots. Body, pans and channels are super solid. Needs seats to look stock again. $1000.

1962 Beetle Deluxe with a factory sliding ragtop. NOT A GRAFTED ROOF. Channels, pans and body are super rust free. Only rust issues is that both the lower door post need replaced. $1,200

UPDATE: Baja kit sold. Also I located a front and rear clip to take it back to stock. $250 for both clips.

1972 Super Beetle Convertable. No transmission or motor. Has some rust in the pans and channels. No rear glass and no rear bottom seat cushion. $950


Here is a 72 Super Shell. The top is near perfect, area behind side vents have zero rust, all rear windows and vents are rust free. I can cut what ever you need off. or take the whole car for $250 ****The rear tortion has been sold***** New Price $150


1974 Standard Beetle. Just in!!!! Has no rust and is stripped and almost ready for paint. I have the fenders, hood, deck lid, seats and glass. $850